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FORMULA-H® Pre-Workout Amplifier

Tastes Amazing & Mixes Quick • No Crash, No Jitters • Keto • Vegan

Do More Work, Faster!

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Our research-backed and performance-tested nutrition supplements help The Everyday Athlete bridge the gap between wellness and performance and re-think what's possible.

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📸 @_fitac_

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💪💪 #FlexFriday with our athlete #gym_thome!⁠

What's on your training agenda this weekend #fitfam?

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Whatever you need to get to the next level of your fitness goals, we've got you covered!⁠

Scope out and find your perfect supplements for your goals!⁠


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🧩 Supplements are awesome pieces of your wellness puzzle!⁠

Whether you want to relieve joint pain, sleep better or get a laser focus productivity ...⁠

We can help you accomplish your goals!⁠

Let's goooooo #fitfam!

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😴 How many hours of sleep do you get a night?⁠

If you've been tossing and turning and can't get the shut eye you want, it's time to get yourself ZEN R.E.M.⁠

It's all-natural, non sedative and non-habit forming.⁠

Take it every night or take it as needed.⁠

You'll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and fall into a deep, restful sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed and ready for anything!⁠

✅ Get a 30-day supply at!

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🙌 How far can you go? It's all up to YOU!⁠

A lot of mindset and motivational content out there can be super cheesy, but in the end, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.⁠

Use this #motivationmonday to reset and get clear on where you're going!⁠

Let's goooo!

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It's the weekend! 🎉 Where are you taking your @redhnutritionco supps with you? 💯 👇 ...

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😋 Six flavors of pre-workout to choose from ... which one is your FAVE #fitfam? 👇 👇 ...

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Who is @redhnutritionco anyways? 🤷‍♀️⁠

We are not the largest company, and we like it that way.⁠

Our team is made up of athletes just like you who want to find ways to get better results and meet their training goals.⁠

We know that this fitness thing isn't easy ... and that there are many ups and downs along the way to our dreams.⁠

But, if you've got a dream ... ANY DREAM ... we are committed to helping you reach it!⁠

Drop us a message in the comments and let us know what you're training for! 👇

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😱 Sick of training through knee and joint pain?⁠

It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to get back to moving without pain and actually enjoying your workouts again!⁠

SUPER FLEXY® is helping thousands of athletes (just like you!) get back to squatting, running and jumping again without pain!⁠

Get your own bottle and see what all the fuss is about at!⁠

Let's gooooo #fitfam!

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💯 Don't wait for life to HAPPEN ... sometimes, if you wanna get what you want, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.⁠

✅ Build the door.⁠
✅ Chase your dreams.⁠


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🚨 Protein is back in stock #fitfam! 🚨⁠

Whether you like vegan or whey proteins ... we have a delicious, high quality protein to fit your needs and goals!⁠

Grab a tub at before they sell out!⁠

So, what's your preference? Do you use Vegan or Whey protein? 👇 👇

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It's Friday! What's on your training plan this weekend #fitfam?⁠

📸 Athlete @mdorr04

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🤔 What does "never settle" mean to you?⁠
Whether it be in training, in dieting, or in life… what does it mean to not settle?⁣⁠

Our athletes are built strong, inside and out.⁠

In order to get the results you want, you've got to do things you've never done.⁠

You've got to give more than you've given.⁠

Don't let your standards slip #fitfam!⁠

So ... let me ask again ... what does "never settle" mean to YOU? 👇👇

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🍉 These new pre-workout flavors have our taste buds doing a happy dance!⁠

🍉 If you love Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, then you'll LOVE our Juicy Watermelon Candy pre-workout!⁠ Grab your own tub at!⁠

Have you tried the new flavors yet? Which one is your FAVE? 👇

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👏 Today's the final day #fitfam! If you want to win a 20# weight vest from @roguefitness, head on over to and grab a 3/$99 bundle to get entered!⁠

We'll draw ONE name tomorrow, 6/2/21 and email/DM the winner so they can pick out their preferred color!⁠


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🎯 You have the CHOICE ... will you be average?⁠ Or will you choose greatness?⁠

The choice is yours, and yours alone #fitfam! Let's do this!⁠


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🚨 #fitfam!! We’ve moved from our old account due to some issues with access, fake followers and hacking attempts.

Long story short we’re excited to start fresh with this new account @redhnutritionco!

Drop a comment below so we know you’re here and we’ll follow you back! 👇🏻👇🏻

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Did you 💩 today?⁠

Talking about poop may make you laugh, but it's a really important part of your health!⁠

Probiotics help keep your gut well by:⁠
• Improve nutrient absorption⁠
• Better food breakdown⁠
• Boost immunity⁠

Make sure you treat your gut right and your 💩 straight!⁠

✅ Grab a bottle at!

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🇺🇸 Want to win a 20# weight vest from @roguefitness?⁠

Shop our 🇺🇸 Memorial Day 🇺🇸 sale at NOW! Every 3/$99 bundle gets you an entry to win!⁠

We'll draw the winner on 6/2 and will be notified via private message and email used on order.⁠

Want to win? Get your bundle NOW at!⁠


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Happy Memorial Day #fitfam! We hope you have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Take time to remember the sacrifices of our fallen battle buddies ... the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE! 🇺🇸⁠

If you head over to you can use code 'HERO' to save 25% all weekend on your favorites!⁠


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Which supplements do you take everyday?!⁠

Part of reaping the rewards of supplements is being consistent with taking them.⁠

Most supplements don't NEED to be taken at any specific time of day, so the best practice is to find a time to take your supplements and stick to it!⁠

Which supplements do you take everyday?! Let us know in the comments! 👇👇

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"Eat all your veggies" they said. Well what if you really don't like veggies? First, don't worry. Second, get a tub of SUPER GREENS and make getting 6 full servings of veggies easy and tasty! 😋⁠

One scoop in your fave beverage or shake is all it takes to quiet down your nutritionist when they say you gotta get your veggies in ... 🤣⁠

✅ Grab your own tub at

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No matter what, stand back up. 💪⁠

#Monday Motivation⁠

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🙌 Weekend Warriors where you at?! 🙌⁠

What's on your training schedule this weekend?⁠

Here at HQ we've got some fun dumbbell workouts with a side of HIIT!⁠

Keep your foot on the gas, #fitfam ... let's go! 💪

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🛍 We are OPEN for business 24/7/365 #fitfam!⁠

Grab all your supplement goodies over at any day of the week and any time of the day!⁠

🎯 With our FAST & FREE Shipping, you'll get what you need delivered to your doorstep, quickly!⁠


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🥩 PROTEIN: You gotta have it if you want to build muscle.⁠

✅ Typically, an athlete working out for an hour a day needs about 1.2-1.5g of protein per # of bodyweight.⁠

That's not a hard and fast rule, but definitely a range you should start with when it comes to managing your protein intake for your muscle goals.⁠

Are you tracking your protein intake now? How many grams do you eat daily? 👇⁠

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🤔 What's in Collagen anyways?⁠

Collagen is super important for athletes, especially as we age. Our body becomes less efficient and produces lower quality collagen as we age.⁠

The evidence is apparent in our skin when it gets wrinkly and sags as we age.⁠

❌ If we don't add Collagen into our high quality diet, our bodies won't be able to repair joint and tissue damage as well, and you'll feel those aches and pains more and more.⁠

✅ Just 10g of Collagen protein a day can do wonders to alleviate your joint pain, and also improve your hair, skin and nail health!⁠

Made just for athletes, you can get a tub of SPORT Collagen from right now!⁠


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Just looking at this stack you can tell the athlete wants a well rounded supplement routine.⁠

They are probably lifting weights 3-5x a week and need to make sure they get their protein needs in ... specifically with a Vegan protein. 🙌⁠

This athlete also knows the importance of gut health by taking a full spectrum probiotic!⁠

Without a good joint support supplement, this athlete knows they won't be able to maintain their routine ... so they've got the 1-2 punch with SUPER FLEXY and a multi-vitamin to make sure they don't miss any workouts!⁠

⭐️ [RATING] 9.9/10⁠

*If the athlete wants to really get every last drop from their performance, we'd love to see a pre-workout added to this stack of MAX GAINZ! 💪

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😴 Sleep should be a non-negotiable in your routine ...⁠

But most of the time we find ourselves too stressed and too overworked to really relax, let go and sleep.⁠

🥱 If you're struggling with shutting your mind down at the end of the day, adding in a natural sleep aid could help you find your ZEN.⁠

ZEN R.E.M. is a natural sleep aid that helps you recover quickly, balance your hormones and help you fall asleep and stay asleep every night.⁠

💤 You'll wake up refreshed and ready to go, without the grogginess that some over the counter remedies leave you feeling.⁠

Get your own 30-day supply of ZEN R.E.M. at now!⁠


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✅ It's Monday and YOU GOT THIS! ...

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😱 Looking for a way to have your cake and eat it too?⁠

Check out this fan favorite frozen summer drink mixed with our delicious SUPER REDS™!⁠

Athlete @themeadowlarkmom knows here stuff!⁠

✅To make:⁠
1 scoop of SUPER REDS™⁠
8oz Jose Cuervo Red Margarita Mix⁠
1 cup ice⁠
Blend 30-45 secs⁠

👉 Get your own tub of SUPER REDS now at!⁠

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❌ Creatine is the "cheat code" for your fitness and performance results!⁠

☝️ Forget what you might have heard ...⁠
"It's not safe" ...⁠
"It makes you bulky and bloated" ...⁠
"It's only for bodybuilders" ...⁠

Creatine is SO MUCH more than that!⁠

Creatine is a crucial part of your body's ability to process and regenerate ATP (energy) while you exercise.⁠

✅ If you supplement with Creatine your body will literally be able to regenerate ATP faster so you can do more work before you "run out of steam"!⁠

Just 5g daily as part of your nutrition routine is enough to take you from good to GREAT really quickly!⁠

🎯 Get your own tub at⁠

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🚨 [BRAND NEW FLAVOR!] Have you tried our delicious new addition to the FORMULA-H® Pre-Workout line?⁠

Head on over to and check our newest flavors, including BLUE RAZZZZZ to take your workout to the next level!⁠

💵 Use code FUEL25 and take 25% off your next tub at!⁠

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🎉 Today is @hotworxomahamidtown grand opening event!⁠

We'll have a booth set up tonight from 4PM-7PM CST and @coachkatiedanger will be available to answer all your questions about supplementation!⁠

Stop by and say hello! 👋⁠

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💦 Water doesn't have to be boring anymore!⁠

Give your water some personality with one scoop of SUPER REDS™!⁠

🍓 With 21 different fruits and berries we'd describe the taste as: "light, refreshing and just slighty tart". YUM! 😋⁠

Get your own tub and give your water some FLARE this summer!⁠


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⚡️ Pro Tip: The work is the shortcut⁠

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Hey #fitfam ... whatever you want to get started on, there's no better time than now.⁠

You're ready, you just gotta take ACTION.⁠

It's a new week, it's a new opportunity to start chasing what you want!⁠

Go out there and get it!⁠

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Happy weekend #fitfam! 🎉⁠

What's on your training agenda?⁠

⚡️ Don't forget the GO JUICE to keep those gains going strong all weekend long!⚡️⁠

Get your own tub and choose from amazing flavors at!⁠

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