The Story Behind The Story

I started my CrossFit Journey nearly 10 years ago, in 2008. I started as a young cadet at the University of Nebraska, while attending ROTC. My very first workout was “Cindy”. 

My dream, for most of my life up to that point, was to be a police officer, and after graduating college and commissioning into the US Army in 2010 as an Intel Officer, I received a spot on the Austin, TX Police Department.

I was going to enter into their next training Academy in July 2011. However, a brief encounter months prior at a CrossFit Level 1 certification proved to be life-changing.

I met a guy – who shall go un-named –  but many people close to me probably already know who I’m talking about.

He gave me a grand offer and proposition that seemed perfect, given my new and budding interest in CF. I also was having second thoughts about joining the Police force, and questioning most of my life choices. I was only 22!

I had it all figured out … I was going to move back to Omaha, NE and I was going to coach at his new CrossFit gym in downtown Omaha, NE. The gym was called Fit 2 Fight CrossFit.

I had saved plenty of money while in college and at Officer training, so starting things up from scratch wasn’t a worry for me.

If you do a quick Google search, you won’t find much left on this gym. It’s now defunct, and has been for nearly 5 years. A current gym in town bought out the space and a new gym now occupies the space.

My start into the CrossFit world was, what I’ve related to, being born into a broken home.

The un-named man, turned out to be one of the biggest sociopaths and narcissists I would ever meet.

Lied about his military service. Lied about his education credentials. Lied about his relationship(s).

Remembering many of the things he did, he said, he promoted and the ways he acted still send shivers up my spine.

He encouraged his athletes use performance enhancing drugs. Some did. Some did not.

He verbally and mentally abused members on the regular. Shouting that they would be fat forever unless they tried harder. He thought it was funny to sexually objectify members.

Shortly before the gym’s eventual closing the reputation the gym had for luring in women, only to sexually harass them, was prevalent in the community. They would regularly run Group On promotions, which fueled the gym owner’s sexual needs.

You think I’m kidding. You might think I’m exaggerating.

I wish I was.

This un-named man ruined, what should have been an amazing opportunity for growth as an athlete.

He essentially stole and manipulated the potential best years of my training career.

He forced and encouraged bad movement in the sake of higher weights and numbers.

His ego was always in control and it could not be reasoned with.

He verbally punished gym members for failed lifts. He kicked members out for speaking out against him.

You either obeyed his orders, or you were told to GTFO.

We had developed a relationship over this time as well. In hindsight this was all obviously a huge disaster, but it sure does make for a good story, doesn’t it?

So how did this all come to a climax?

The FINAL STRAW, when he kicked me out of his gym, was when I told him I did not want to have a certain piercing in a certain place on my body anymore, as it interfered with my fitness, and was merely a way he sexually exploited me anyways (we were still sort of a couple at this time).

He text me and said that “all my shit would be thrown out of the gym and to never come back”, unless I put it back in.

I was one foot out the door anyways, so I called him on his bluff.  He had not thrown anything out when I arrived to the gym that evening, so I started packing. 

He was incredibly volatile and shouted, screaming, I think he even broke their computer that day when he slammed into the admin desk at the gym. Yes, all of this over a piercing. :/

Oh, yes … did I mention that he did this at the gym, DURING CLASS HOURS? Yes, there are people out there, still in the Omaha, NE CrossFit community who witnessed his behavior.

This was my very first CrossFit gym and community experience.

For two years I believed that his coaching was going to help me progress as an athlete.

For two years he had coached me to believe I could be nothing without him.

It leaves a very very deep, empty feeling in my stomach to consider I may have wasted two full years on him and his “coaching”.

To my dismay, I often fight feelings of envy towards the top CrossFitters now a days. The ones who have been around for the length of time I have. The ones who found good coaches, who found loving and supportive communities.

I wonder, almost daily, “What could have been?”, had I had better coaching to start my journey.

For years I have struggled with WHY this would happen to me.

Why did I give up my entire dream of helping others, being a Police Officer, waste years of prime training years … only for it to be proverbially stolen by this un-named coach, who swore he had my best interest in mind.

This is my “Dear Diary” moment.

My mission to change the world through health and fitness has not changed, but at times the fire was so dim, I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to salvage it.

Red H Nutrition is the culmination of all the hard work, all the failures, all the struggles, all the desire to change the world. It is the reason I exist – to help change people’s lives.

I do not take time for granted, and I don’t believe anyone should have their time wasted.

Red H Nutrition supplements are designed for everybody. They help you get the most out of the hard work you put in your day. They will help you surpass your goals.

Your time is incredibly valuable. I KNOW this. I RESPECT this.

I started Red H Nutrition to provide a wealth of education, resources and opportunity to be the best YOU, you can be.

I’ve also got a great crew behind me, who have also shared struggles, trials and stress.

The entire journey that produced this story was fueled by a deep, burning desire to help people.

If you need help with your fitness journey, and want a company whose foundation is crafted on helping others, we are here for YOU.

Your time will be well spent in our care!

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Cheers –

Katie Danger
RHN CEO/Founder
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  1. Brandon June 27, 2017 at 8:53 AM - Reply

    I’ve always wanted meet that guy… and punch him the face!

  2. Lisa Bresley June 27, 2017 at 9:01 AM - Reply

    And so the light emerges triumphantly through the darkness! Keep shining your light Katie….it’s your legacy….and it’s a great legacy when you leave this world better for being in it!

  3. Lyndsey June 27, 2017 at 9:52 AM - Reply

    Thanks for sharing this- the hurt still comes through. Love and peace to you- you are a badass!

  4. Reyes Ribera June 27, 2017 at 10:19 AM - Reply

    thank you for taking time to share your story. here is my hats off to you. I know it is easy to rant or bash on somebody’s name. But you took a high road by not doing it. you established to be a right role model to be a person who should run the business in integrity model.

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