4 “Smart Drugs” To Immediately Improve Your Functional Fitness Performance

At this point in your supplement investigative journey, you have, more than likely, come across the fancy word “NOOTROPICS“.

Not only does the name sound intriguing, but the benefits of these compounds are even more exciting. You’ll also sometimes see them referred to as “smart drugs”. 

If you are looking for potential to amplify your workouts, increase your intrinsic drive and motivation, and promote the natural production of human growth hormone, then keep reading.

You are going to want to hear what’s in store for you, Nootropics and functional fitness.

The word “nootropic” is derived from the Greek “noos” and “trope“, meaning “mind turning”. The use of Nootropics in supplements spiked in early 2009-2010 and has taken a dip until recently.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers and “smart” supplements. They are synthetic compounds that help you to accomplish your goals through improved cognition, better recall and crystal-clear focus.

So, what are some common Nootropics? Glad you asked:

L-Tyrosine – An amino acid the brain converts to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, collectively known as catecholamines. It’s shown to enhance performance, improve vigor, decreases fatigue, diminishes subjective confusion, and lower tension and anxiety. 

Alpha-GPC – Promotes cognitive stimulation, similar to caffeine, but is not considered a “stimulant”. Alpha GPC has been shown in rats to increase the attenuation of focus and mental capacity. This could be imperative to your workout when physical fatigue starts to set in, and you are looking for that “extra push” to keep grinding. Doses are usually recommended at 300-600 mg.

Choline Bitartrate – Works synergistically with Alpha GPC, and utilized for its cognitive boosting properties (turning into acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter) and as a liver detoxifying health agent, able to reduce fatty liver buildup. Choline Bitartrate studies generally find that it is best taken with another Nootropic for a more significant effect.

Caffeine – not TECHNICALLY a Nootropic because it is a nervous system stimulant, it is included in this article for its mental and cognitive enhancing properties. Depending on sensitivity, caffeine supplementation post-workout has been shown to increase athletic performance through increases in power, stamina and endurance.

So now what? Where the heck do you get this stuff? How can you use this information to improve YOUR performance?

At Red H Nutrition we want you to hit a PR every single day. While that may be unrealistic, we won’t tell you what you can and cannot do. So, we developed a unique Pre-Workout that contains all the major Nootropics you need to start implementing them into your fitness routine.

Utilize Nootropics to gain that competitive edge. Use Nootropics to drive your mental game into a realm where you literally feel unstoppable and “unfuckwithable”.

Here are a few more ingredients in HUSTLE to give you the ultimate performance boost:

Vitamin B6:  for neurotransmitter synthesis & conversion.
Vitamin B12: for brain energy metabolism & nerve health.

This is what The Supplement Revolution is all about.

Supplements with substance to drive your athletic efforts to their ultimate destination: your maximum human potential.

Eliminate Your Doubts, Crush Your PRs!
Amplify Your Workout TODAY With HUSTLE Functional Performance Pre-Workout!



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