This Is How You Never Get “No Repped” Again

Imagine if you knew your training mistakes before you made them … so you didn’t have to make them!

I know that’s wishful thinking …

And it’s not how “adulting” or life works.

You learn hard lessons the hard way, the old fashioned way.

It costs you time. Money. Maybe a bit of sanity.

Obviously we can’t go back in time and get a mulligan on what we’ve already messed up, but we can sort of, like, “hack” the future so we don’t make similar mistakes.

As it relates to functional training, keeping a training journal of workouts, PRs and benchmark times is essential for improvement.

If you’re serious about training, you keep a training log with that information – whether stored online, an app, or good ol’ pen and paper.

However, how many athletes actually keep a journal of their training day, to include:

how did you feel?
how was your mindset?
what went well?
what can I do better?
where are my weaknesses?
how much closer did I get to my goal?

And I’m not talking about just a little end of day reflection …

I’m referring to the kind of journaling that is reflective as it can be re-read, re-used and kept as a reminder of progress.

By having a day of review, in regards to your training, you are consciously taking time to remember how your training went …

How you felt …

What your efforts were and …

What contributed to your success (or lack thereof) for the day.

By recording your training in this thoughtful way, you are more likely to make better choices during your workouts.

Your mindset is paramount to your success. 

With daily review of your training, you’ll start to gather plenty of training hiccups and develop ways to avoid them in the future.

At this point in the game, 1% improvements are the difference between 1st and last. 


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  1. Matt James February 7, 2018 at 7:42 PM - Reply


    I love this! I have been keeping a journal for years with my running, and the results have been awesome! I recently started tracking my WOD’s more closely, and the results are starting to show. Thank you so much for such useful information!


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