What A Ford Model-T & Athletes Have In Common

Henry Ford didn’t care what anyone thought or said.

The man had a vision and he knew, without a doubt, he could accomplish it.

He was often ridiculed that he was not “educated enough”, therefore smart enough, to be successful.

He did not come from wealth.

And he did not have a Harvard background.

But he was persistent and passionate about his vision.

Despite critics contesting the plausibility of a commercially available auto, Ford found the help he needed to make his dream a reality.

The Model-T was born and eventually mass produced, available to most consumers.

What the Model-T teaches us, as athletes, is that no matter what anyone says, no matter their opinion or whether they think you can, or can’t …

If you have the persistence and passion to reach your goal no matter the naysayers, you will.

Henry Ford also famously said “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you, or believes about you.

It only matters what you believe about yourself.

So, with that true, believe in yourself, without question and great things will happen when you couple that with intent and action.

The Model-T has phased out and seems so outdated.

But, truthfully, so will you someday.

We all eventually phase out.

That’s why no moment should go by in the present where you relinquish opportunity because someone else doesn’t think you are capable.

Life is too short to believe in someone else’s perception of you!

Kids nowadays call it “F*ck the haters”. 

Carpe Diem!

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