EXCLUSIVE: Our “30 Day PR” Guarantee

This is our signature. This is our headline and how we define who we are as a Supplement company.

No other Supplement Brand has dared put their money where their mouth is quite like we are.

Here’s the deal …

We know our products work.

We know they can change your paradigm of thinking and prove to you that some companies can do things different.

Integrity, Transparency & Results make up the Ethos of our brand, foundation and vision for NOW and the future.

For Eligibility Under The “30 Day PR Guarantee”:

You must purchase a Red H Nutrition product from our online storePurchases made at retail locations are not eligible for this benefit/return policy. To truly assess performance, you need to keep a journal of your training progress. Keep a journal of your training and programming, as well as supplementation and diet. After 30 days of a consistent training schedule, to include at least 3 days on a week during those 30 days, and you do not achieve a personal record or personal best in any training capacity, we will refund your money.

Are you wondering why we need you to keep documentation? That should be a no-brainer. Getting better and getting results requires work and consistency. If you’ve been on the hump or plateau for a while, you know you should be tracking your training to see where you can find a point to break through. Keeping a training journal should be a routine and habit, regardless of your intent to challenge our “30 Day PR Guarantee” and philosophy.

So! If you are up for the challenge, give our supplements a try! You’ll have a brand new, shiny PR in 30 days, or your money back.

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