Want To Be Healthier AND Happier? Do This.

I remember, back “in the day”, growing up we played outside all day long.

After school.

Before school.

Summer break.

I think even when it was snowing and cold we found a way to bundle up enough to go outside and play.

We don’t get enough time outside anymore … both kids and adults.

And it’s kinda of sad because being outside has so many benefits, in addition to providing mental clarity and some silence from the daily noise of life.

The science behind the statement “go outside and get some sunshine” is that our Vitamin D increases and studies show that an increase in Vitamin D offers protection against chronic illnesses, osteoporosis, fatigue, stress and depression.

As adults, living very busy and active lives, it can be tough to find some time to get outdoors.

Don’t make it tougher than it has to be though …

Incorporate it into easy tasks: walking the dog, running outdoors instead of a treadmill, lifting outside, going for a bike ride on the weekend, etc. 

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with how you can “feel better”, sometimes you just need to step outside and get some sunshine and breath of fresh air!

Carpe Diem!

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