The ONE Area of Recovery You’re Missing … And How To Get It

In all my years of participating at a high level of functional fitness, I wish I would have known about the one key component of recovery that I was missing.

I had put so much care into sleeping, eating, hydration and supplementation …

I totally ignored the one, main, foundational element of recovery.

• • •

There are many facets to training and many stresses that we encounter through that training and competing. 

Obviously, those stressors including physical training – the actual grunt work, drills, practices we go through to perfect our skills.

But there are also emotional stressors – dealing with the failures, the shortcomings and disappointments.

There’s also the mental aspect of training: focus, attention, motivation, mental endurance.

When you take training into the context of those three specific factors (stressors), you can see that most of our recovery falls incredibly short …

Very few address “emotional” recovery, and even fewer address “mental” recovery.

• • •

Sometimes, being able to outwork your opponent comes down to your ability to focus for a long period of intense pressure.

When we focus our attention, this is stress.

When we allow the mind to wander, or daydream, this is recovery. 

3 Ways To Implement Mental Training Into Your Routine TODAY:

  1. To improve your focus, start with focus during practice.*Begin by focusing intently for short periods of time, then gradually extending the length of that focus during practice, followed by shorter and shorter recovery periods.

  2.  Practicing tough thinking, training to think positive thoughts, visualizing performances are all examples of mental stress. The athletes who are best prepared for “battle” are the ones who incorporate sufficient mental habit thinking and training. Mental games are not perfected overnight.

  3. When we lose focus, we make mistakes. This is often because we have not trained the body properly to sustain high periods of stress for a certain length of time.*Mental recovery is necessary – taking brief time away from the sport after competition or practice helps the body unwind from the stress. This can create a very valuable recovery interval!


Athletes are not built overnight.

And to be a complete, well-round athlete and human, you can’t ignore the less tangible aspects of training: emotional and mental training and recovery. 

Carpe Diem!


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