The REAL Problem Behind “Cherry Picking” Your WODs

You ready to get real for second?


Let’s get real.

I know you’ve skipped a workout before because it looked “too hard” or “you wouldn’t be good at it”.

AKA you let your ego take charge and it couldn’t handle the truth.

You took one look at that WOD and said “NO THANKS, MAN!“.

I get it.

I’ve done it before, too.

And it’s always been because I’ve forgotten one little aspect …

It’s just a f***ing workout!

What I mean is, it’s just a workout …

“It’s not events that disturb people, it’s the judgements about them.” – Epictetus

Instead of attaching your feelings about the workout to the workout …

Understand that there is no “good” and no “bad”.

In the pursuit of being the best you can be, including the best athlete, you can apply this concept to any area of your life.

The more time we spend with our “assuming” eye, the less we observe with our “logical” eye.

Things are things … and that’s it. 

If you see an obstacle, or get a workout that isn’t in your “wheelhouse”, embrace it.

If there’s an obstacle there, it’s just there to specifically help you be better than you were yesterday!

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