As part of our “Woke Athlete” email series, we have been dissecting individual aspects of what we define as a “woke athlete”.

Those three components are: 

  • Overcoming aversions
  • Composure
  • Virtuosity

Programming, diet and mobility are all serious aspects of the athletic success puzzle; but an often neglected component, training the MIND, presents greater opportunities for athletes to continue to improve on an exponential scale.

Training plateaus are tough. But having a tough mindset always beats a plateau.

An aspect of that mindset training to forge a strong mindset, includes understanding what composure means and why it’s important in all aspects of our lives.

Composure is defined as “the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself”.

I shouldn’t need to say it, BUT, if you can not maintain your composure and you lose control, you lose the ability to be your best self.

This goes for any situation.

  • Road rage.
  • Upset at your co-worker(s).
  • Bad judging at an event.
  • Having a bad training day.

It’s easy to see the parallels and how composure is crucial for both inside and outside the gym.

I know it’s also easier said than done, letting things just “brush off your shoulder”.

But it starts with an awareness of what composure is, what it looks like on you, and when you feel yourself “start to lose it”.

Having composure does not mean you can’t have fun.

It’s not about being a “buzz kill”.

It’s about staying cool, calm and collected during a stressful situation.

In athletics and fitness events, you often see a situation take a turn for the worse and an athlete loses their cool. They’ll punch a water cooler. They’ll throw fists with the opposite team. Whatever.

Anyone remember The Brawl at The Palace with Ron Artest? Google that if you’re too young to remember. Now that’s a whole bunch of people who lost their composure. Yikes.

But it happens. And even to the best of us.

So, when the going gets rough and you feel your blood start to boil, the knot in your chest get tighter or sweating it out, just take a deep breath (or two, or three … you get it!) and relax.

At first, something so simple will probably make you feel a little silly.

It should though, it’s outside the comfort zone you’re used to!

Even if you catch yourself “mid blow-up”, you always have the choice to collect yourself and your thoughts.

So, when you become aware, make the decision to compose yourself.

You’ll be proud of yourself and you’ll probably prevent yourself from saying or doing something you’ll regret in the heat of the moment …

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And forging a rock solid mindset won’t be either.

Keep at it …

Every day you’re a better athlete than you were before!

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