“You can sleep when you’re dead”.

I know you’ve heard this before. You’ve said it before. You’ve said it to someone else before.

I’m sure it was just meant to be a good ol’ kick in the balls so you could motivate yourself or someone else.

But let’s get real here for a moment.

When it comes to exercise, REST is incredibly important.

In fact, without it, you’ll never get your gainz and you’ll wear yourself out faster.

Ironic isn’t it?

You don’t want to rest, because more = better, right?


In case science is the only thing that motivates you, it’s absolutely founded in science that your body recovers, repairs and rebuilds while it’s at rest.

So, how does “active recovery” fit in?

It does in some cases. For some athletes.

But for most, “active recovery” is just an excuse for them to get more work in, and not rest.

Your fitness should not wear you down or keep you in a state of over-training.

Unfortunately the advice “You can rest when you’re dead” is meant to motivate, often gets taken too far with athletes who are driven and passionate.

Taking care of your body INCLUDES rest.

Literal feet off the ground, eyes closed, REST.

Your training is like a constant balance of a bell curve, where work:rest ratio must be carefully planned to continue to achieve and perform better.

More training does not mean a better athlete.

SMARTER training means a better athlete.

Be smart, rest and remember this is a journey!