Red H Nutrition is committed to providing premium supplements to athletes of all backgrounds, ages and ability levels, who understand the importance of high quality, effective supplementation.

Our goal is to improve your overall health and lifestyle through wellness promotion and positivity.


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I was so sick of the Supplement Industry.

It is a carnivorous system that fosters those who want to take a “shortcut” in the name of profits.

I was sick and tired of spending all kinds of money on sh*t products that have fancy labels that look “badass”.

I was REALLY sick of the customer service … or lack thereof.

So, naturally I decided that “if you don’t like something, change it”.

Basically, that’s the genesis of Red H Nutrition.

I’ll leave out a lot of the story, but the specifics are:

I am an Army Veteran, served as a Military Intelligence Officer, Airborne, wanted to be a police officer but found that fitness was a more rewarding career and opportunity to change peoples’ lives. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. I spent 7 years as a competitive CrossFitter, qualifying for Regionals as an individual 5 times.

I simply wanted to start a Supplement Company that believed in transparency, had integrity and made products that worked. I know, I know. That’s what they all say.

So, all Red H Nutrition products carry a 30 Day PR Guarantee. It’s a Customer Service belief that if you don’t score a new PR within 30 days of starting your Red H Nutrition products, you can have your money back.

The REAL big reason Red H is different, is defining our products by the 10 General Physical Skills and their application.

The 10 General Physical Skills are the HOLY GRAIL of fitness DNA.

I know they are important and improving the 10 General Physical Skills will help you do better in The Open. It will help you reach Regionals. It will help you reach The Games. These are all FACTS.

Check it out, has your Supplementation System ever been so easy to understand?

I’ve got your back.

I know functional fitness and its demands.

I know what it’s like to work your tail off.

That hard work should pay off.

If you trust Red H Nutrition with your hard work, we will take good care of you.

But, don’t just take my word for it, check our online reviews. 

You’ll see Red H Nutrition exists to serve every athlete.

If you’re open minded enough to try a brand that actually cares enough to write a true, personal “About Us” page, then I’m ready to help you reach your goals!

Carpe Diem

Katie Danger
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