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FORMULA-H® Pre-Workout Amplifier

Tastes Amazing & Mixes Quick • No Crash, No Jitters • Keto • Vegan

Do More Work, Faster!

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Our research-backed and performance-tested nutrition supplements help The Everyday Athlete bridge the gap between wellness and performance and re-think what's possible.

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Made in the USA ?? US Army Veteran Owned


Happy Saturday #FitFam!⁠

What's in your shaker to help fuel your workouts this weekend?⁠

Let us know if the comments!👇⁠

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"We make the supplements, you make the athlete" (credit: @s.c._ferry)⁠

Our specialty is crafting supplements with effective formulas that are specifically designed with your #1 goal in mind. ⚡️⁠

Being able to move without pain is not a luxury ... it's a right.⁠

And we believe that SUPER FLEXY® is the solution for athletes looking for an all-natural solution to their joint pain.⁠

Derived from all-natural ingredients, SUPER FLEXY® helps you endure for the long haul.⁠

Fitness is not a destination.⁠

It's a journey! 👏⁠

Get your own bottle of SUPER FLEXY® at and use code FLEXY30 to save 30% on your first bottle!⁠

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We wanna see your @redhnutrition stack pictures!⁠

Send us a DM with your supplement stack of at least 3 or more and we'll send you a $15 gift card! 😎⁠

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How do you set yourself up for success every day?⁠

One way our athletes get a head start is with quality, nutrient dense fuel.⁠

A scoop of our NO! Whey Vegan Protein + Sport Collagen gives you the proteins, fats and carbs your need to fuel your workouts and get stronger!⁠

Plus, it tastes great and you get a yummy, healthy treat! 😋⁠

Get your own tub at!⁠

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⚡️ Cruise into your cardio workouts this week with APEX O2™!⁠

Making your cardio enjoyable is all about controlling your oxygen and breath.⁠

APEX O2 makes it easier to breathe, even as the intensity picks up.⁠

Go longer.⁠

Grab a bottle of your own APEX O2™ at!⁠
📸 @cyclebarwestomaha

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Just what it says ... Never lose faith in your dreams.⁠

Believe in yourself, get focused and never quit!⁠

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"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift" - Steve Prefontaine⁠

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One reason a lot of resolutions, or any goal, gets forgotten is because we get injured in the process of training for our fitness goal.⁠

We get going into the groove of a training plan and then ...⁠


You hurt your knee.⁠
Or you tweak your shoulder.⁠
Maybe that twinge in your lower back starts to get bad again.⁠

Whatever it is, it's annoying and it doesn't have to happen this year.⁠

This year get SUPER FLEXY®.⁠

You'll eliminate that painful inflammation in your joints and you'll be able to training hard again, without missing a beat.⁠

Get your own bottle and save 30% off on your first bottle ---> Use code FLEXY30 at checkout on!⁠

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How many times a day do you poop? 💩⁠

😂 For real though - you should be having a healthy bowel movements at least once a day.⁠

If you're not regular, and find yourself bloated and uncomfortable after meals ...⁠

Taking a full spectrum probiotic will ease those symptoms and help you enjoy food AND keep you regular.⁠

A healthy gut is the foundation of those #gainz!⁠

Get your own bottle of full spectrum ADAPTOGENIC PROBIOTIC at!⁠

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This week's stack balances performance and wellness:⁠
1. ADAPTOGENIC PROBIOTIC - digest food better, prevent bloat and gas!⁠

2. SUPER FLEXY - eliminate painful joints, recover faster and get back to enjoying what you love to do!⁠

3. GO JUICE BCAAs - fuel your workouts and muscles to keep going longer and stronger!⁠

4. APEX O2 - cardio like running, rowing and cycling is a lot easier when you can breathe and get oxygen even during intense workouts!⁠

❤️ If you DM us your @redhnutrition stack and we feature it on our timeline, we'll send you a $15 gift card! ❤️⁠

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Getting stronger means you've got to lift weights. 💪⁠

Resistance training is necessary if you want to gain muscle mass, get stronger, and burn more fat.⁠

To get the best results, find a protein powder you love and aim for an additional 20-30g protein per day on workout days.⁠

You don't have to get too technical to start, but we recommend at least one scoop of YES! Whey with your favorite post workout shake on training days.⁠

You'll recover faster and gain more muscle mass!⁠

Being the best version of yourself requires YES! Whey Grass Fed Protein Powder!⁠

Get your own tub at!⁠

23 3

🙊 Not ready to get started on what you really want from life?⁠

The longer you wait, the longer you'll be stuck where you are now.⁠

There's no easy way to your goals ... but the FASTEST is to get started, and get started TODAY.⁠




Your got this #fitfam!⁠

25 1

💃 It's the WEEKEND!!!! 💃⁠

No matter what day of the week it is, if you're training, you gotta get your protein in.⁠

✅ Protein helps you build muscle.⁠

✅ Protein helps you get stronger.⁠

✅ Protein is essential!⁠

For most athletes, getting 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight is a great place to start when it comes to improving your fitness.⁠

Need a new protein to try? Something that actually tastes good and mixes well?⁠

👉 Try YES! WHEY All-Natural Grassfed protein - you can try some samples at!⁠

30 2

🔥 Powering through your Friday just got a heck of a lot easier ... and tastier! 😋⁠

One scoop of FORMULA-H® Pre-Workout and you'll be on the fast track to a killer workout, steady energy and the results you want from your workout!⁠

👉 Get your own tub (or try samples!) at!⁠

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❤️ It is so important that we have autonomy in our health care and the choices we make for our bodies.⁠

❤️ One way we can have control over our body and its health is by choosing supplements that compliment our goals and our whole food nutrition.⁠

❤️ SUPER REDS is the perfect compliment to any athlete's routine for added recovery and antioxidant support.⁠

❤️Another cool thing you'll notice is an increase in steady, long lasting and CLEAN energy!⁠

❤️ SUPER REDS has 21 fruits and berries, which makes it easy to "taste the rainbow"!⁠

👉 Get your own tub at, it's in our link in bio!⁠

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💯 Ready to focus on your 2021 goals?⁠

Don't leave anything to chance ...⁠

That includes your supplementation!⁠

Athlete @kellysuzette88 knows the deal - she's got her supplements that will help her reach her goals in 2021 (and beyond!)⁠

You can get your own stack at!⁠

👉 Link In Bio!⁠

22 3

Every week we ask for our athletes to send in their best "stack" ...⁠

Well, it appears we have a new champion! 🏆⁠

Athlete @themeadowlarkmom takes the cake with her LITERALLY EVERYTHING stack!⁠

✅ Do you have a stack to share? Send us a DM!⁠

If we feature yours, we'll send you a $25 gift card to use on your next order!⁠

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"I'm sorry for what I said when I was bloated" 🤣⁠

Bloating and distension are some of the biggest frustrations athletes face as they dial in their nutrition.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
😩 The feeling of swallowing a watermelon ...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
🙍 Not being able to wear what they like. ...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
🤰 Or even being mistaken for being pregnant.⁠⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
And most of the time, they had tried to cut out different foods or have been on multiple laxatives but still couldn't figure out what's causing the bloat!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠
If this sounds like what you're struggling with, we have a solution.⁠

Grab a bottle of ADAPTOGENIC PROBIOTIC and reset your gut health and give it what it needs to digest and process food effeciently.⁠

Say bye-bye to bloat once and for all!⁠

You can get your own 30-day supply at our website!⁠

18 1

❌ It's not a secret that reaching a goal is going to have its ups and downs.⁠

You already know you're not going to "magically" appear at your destination.⁠


It takes work.⁠

And it takes work OUTSIDE your comfort zone.⁠

Here's a pro tip: Don't ever shy away from a challenge.⁠

If it makes you uncomfortable, go after it harder.⁠

In the end, you'll be better for it!⁠

Happy Monday #FitFam! 💪⁠

25 2

🤕 Old joints?⁠
🙈 Tired and creaky knees?⁠
☠️ Feeling "worn out"?⁠

Never again! Not when you arm yourself with SUPER FLEXY®!⁠

SUPER FLEXY® was specifically designed to help athletes of any age, ability and sport to feel better and get back to doing what they love.⁠

❤️ No more pain.⁠
❤️ No more lost training days.⁠

Recover faster and feel young again with SUPER FLEXY®!⁠

You can grab your own 30-day supply at Use code FLEXY30 and you'll be able to save 30%, too!⁠

17 1

Happy New Year!⁠

2021 is finally here!⁠

What are you going to do to make sure you CRUSH your 2021 goals?⁠

Let us know in the comments what you plan to make a reality this year! 👇⁠

21 1

👀 Don't overlook your micronutrients. 👀⁠

A lot of athletes get caught up in the big hitters: protein, creatine and pre-workout.⁠

But, if you're just starting out ... forget all that.⁠

Get a good multivitamin and you'll be arming yourself with more energy, more stamina and better digestion with your very first dose!⁠

If you're starting a new fitness journey in 2021, think about the big picture from a small perspective.⁠

The little things matter.⁠

A great multivitamin matters!⁠

Head on over to and pick up our 30-day supply of FACTOR 10 Full Spectrum Multi-Vitamin!⁠

You will reach your goals faster, and feel better on the journey! 💪⁠

16 1

👏 One of @coachkatiedanger's favorite ways to stay hydrated is by mixing one scoop of SUPER REDS into 16oz of water.⁠

It's a crisp, light and refreshing way to get 21 different fruits and berries into your diet, without the sugar.⁠

🎯 In fact, there's only 1g of sugar per scoop!⁠

Plus, you'll be getting a hefty dose of free radical fighting antioxidants that help you recover faster and stay fresh.⁠

Need a mid-day pick me up? SUPER REDS.⁠
Need a caffine free pre-workout? SUPER REDS!⁠

There's a reason SUPER REDS is part of many athletes staples every day.⁠

It tastes great. It's easy to mix and it helps them reach their fitness goals faster!⁠

👉 Head on over to and use @coachkatiedanger's special code: COACHKATIEDANGER and save 30% on your tub now!⁠

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❤️ Giving the gift of fitness is more than just an awesome instagram picture!⁠

If you are serious about your 2021 fitness goals, then you 👏must 👏 include 👏 supplements 👏 into your nutrition.⁠

Maybe you just need a multivitamin.⁠

Maybe you're looking for maximum performance, so 3-4 targeted, goal-oriented supplements are necessary.⁠

Whatever your goal, we've got you.⁠

We've got you today, tomorrow and every single day after that.⁠

There's still time to head to and grab your 3/$99 stack, with free shipping AND a $10 bonus gift card!⁠

Here's to your best year yet #fitfam!⁠

34 2

🧨 So ... were you naughty, or were you nice?⁠

Even if Santa didn't bring you the magic of @redhnutrition under your tree ...⁠

There's still plenty of time to grab what you need to start off right in 2021!⁠

✅ Strength⁠
✅ Stamina⁠
✅ Power⁠
✅ Speed⁠
✅ Endurance⁠
✅ Flexibility⁠
✅ Accuracy⁠
✅ Agility⁠
✅ Balance⁠
✅ Coordination⁠

Whatever you need to boost your fitness, we've got you covered!⁠

Head on over to now and pick up your best stack for just $99 + FREE SHIPPING!⁠

We've got your supps waiting!⁠

25 2

❌ It's the last #MondayMotivation for 2020 #fitfam!⁠

There's no reason you ever have to wait for a certain day to make the changes you want in your life.⁠

After all, real change and real results are a product of good choices, over and over again.⁠

It's about consistency.⁠

But, not just doing something for the sake of doing something.⁠

It's doing something with a purpose and value to YOU, so you can keep going, even when it gets tough.⁠

Find your WHY.⁠

Then stick to that path for as long as it serves you and your goals!⁠

Here's to a kick ass and successful 2021!⁠

20 6

🎅🏼 Were you naughty or were you nice this year?⁠

Did Santa bring you all the goodies you asked for? 🎁⁠

If you need to complete your fitness set-up for 2021 ... we got you!⁠

Head on over to and grab the supplements you need to take you to 💯 in 2021!⁠

26 1

Merry Christmas #FitFam!⁠

Eat all the food ... open all the presents!⁠

Have a safe, happy and fun holiday!⁠

25 2

We love our athletes!⁠

Mark is the Veteran Owner & Founder of @crossfit_perseverance and utilizes supplements to help him stay on track toward his competitive goals.⁠

2021 is just around the corner ... are you set up for success?⁠

Head on over to and grab 3 supplements for just $99 + FREE shipping!⁠

Be like Mark ... stay on track!⁠

33 4


Athlete @gym_thome has his 1-2-3 covered with Collagen, Creatine + Vegan Protein!⁠

What's your fave @redhnutrition top three?⁠

Let us know! ❤️ 👇👇⁠

21 1

Fearful of injuries?⁠

I totally understand.⁠

When you want to dial up the training intensity, and you feel good, the last thing you want to deal with is injury.⁠

It's happened before though, so you're cautious.⁠

A quick and simple solution is adding SUPER FLEXY® to your training arsenal.⁠

3 capsules everyday prevents inflammation, improves joint mobility and helps keep you strong, even as training demands increase.⁠

Do what you love and don't worry about injury!⁠

Use code FLEXY30 at checkout at to save 30% on your first bottle!⁠

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🎯 Saturday!⁠

Keep your eye on the prize #fitfam!⁠

What do you have planned for your Saturday?⁠

Let us know how you'll crush your weekend in the comments! 👇⁠

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Has it been a long week #fitfam?⁠

Powering through the final day of your work week can take a little bit of grit ... especially if it's been a "long week".⁠

But, instead of slamming another Monster or Red Bull ...⁠

Try a scoop of SUPER REDS™ instead!⁠

SUPER REDS™ is a delicious, all-natural source of energy that utilizes fresh fruits and antioxidants to help you feel your best and power through your day strong from start to finish.⁠

It has zero sugar and organic fruits and berries to help you rock your day!⁠

Put your best foot forward heading into the week!⁠

SUPER REDS™ >>> Energy Drinks⁠

Try a tub of your own -->⁠

13 1

🐶 Does FIDO have more endurance and stamina than you?⁠

Grab yourself a bottle of APEX O2™ and experience greater oxygen capacity.⁠

Greater oxygen capacity helps your body utilize oxygen for efficiently.⁠

💪 You'll feel stronger, even later in your run.⁠

💪 You'll be able to put in more miles with ease.⁠

💪 You won't be out of breath ...⁠

Wouldn't it be awesome to have as much energy as your running buddy, Fido? 🐶

26 4

👊 👊 You love FREE samples?⁠

Head on over to and get FREE samples with every order!⁠

Just add your supps to your cart and then choose what samples you'd like at checkout!⁠

Take advantage of FREE samples all month long over at redhnutrition!⁠

25 3

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"This is the only thing that's helped my knees stay young, while still training hard"⁠

SUPER FLEXY® is helping athletes of all ages, sizes and sports stay in their game longer and keep seeing the results they are working so hard for.⁠

Don't let you training get derailed by pain any longer.⁠

Get after it, day after day ...⁠

Train hard.⁠
Train SMART.⁠

Get your own bottle of SUPER FLEXY® at w/ code FLEXY30 to save 30%!⁠

23 1

It's Monday and that means it's GO TIME.⁠

Do you have what you need to succeed this week in your workouts?⁠

Athlete @gym_thome keeps a hefty arsenal of our best performance supplements to make sure he crushes his Mondays!⁠

Stay on track ...⁠
Train hard.⁠
Train SMART.⁠

You got this!⁠

28 2

#MondayMotivation that ya'll can relate to!⁠

No matter what life has in store for you today and this week, make sure you take it in stride and ...⁠

If you do get knocked down ...⁠

Do a squat!⁠
Get back up!⁠
Train hard!⁠

Let's do this #fitfam!⁠

30 5

🙌🏼 Stacks Stacks Stacks! 🙌🏼 ⁠

Happy Saturday FitFam!⁠

What's your FAVE Red H Nutrition supplement?⁠
What can't you live without?⁠

Drop 'em in the comments! 👇⁠

35 8

1️⃣ Strong joints.⁠
2️⃣ Strong ligaments.⁠
3️⃣ Strong tendons.⁠

💯 The "holy trinity" of mobility health and longevity.⁠

Do you get enough Collagen in your diet?⁠

❌ Probably not.⁠

Especially if you are over the age of 35, you REALLLLLY. need to add Collagen to your nutrition ...⁠

Just once a day, one small 10g scoop, can keep you on your feet, strong and chasing your fitness goals day after day.⁠

✅ SPORT COLLAGEN is available on our website at -- GET YOURSELF A TUB!

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