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FORMULA-H® Pre-Workout Amplifier

Tastes Amazing & Mixes Quick • No Crash, No Jitters • Keto • Vegan

Do More Work, Faster!

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Our research-backed and performance-tested nutrition supplements help The Everyday Athlete bridge the gap between wellness and performance and re-think what's possible.

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Made in the USA -- US Army Veteran Owned



Don't let joint pain ruin your training days! Grab a bottle of SUPER FLEXY from and stay on track so you never miss another training day!⁠

Let's goooooo!

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On a scale of 1 to 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, how sexy are these new red shakers???⁠

👉 Get your own over at!⁠

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😫Mondays can be rough.⁠

Finding the courage to face another week can take guts.⁠

But you'll rise.⁠

Say it with me, "I WILL RISE".⁠

You WILL rise #fitfam!⁠

Hit the reset button on your negative thoughts, adjust your sails and RISE.⁠

You got this!⁠

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💪 SMILE! It's the weekend!⁠

What's on your training agenda this weekend #fitfam? Are you putting in the work to reach your goals?⁠

Drop a comment and let me know what you're training for! 👇

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😀 🌱Why is our girl @skywick1 smiling?⁠

Because she knows that a happy gut is a happy life!⁠

Every morning she puts a scoop of SUPER GREENS in her shake to keep her energy levels high and her gut happy!⁠

👉 Get your own tub and 6 servings of veggies per scoop at!

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💪 What's your goal #fitfam?⁠

No matter what you're training for, we've got a supplement to help you bridge the gap and help you push past your plateaus.⁠

Go faster, go longer, and stay stronger through the duration of your workout and recovery!⁠

☝️ Sleep better.⁠
☝️Improve your joints and mobility.⁠
☝️Boost gut health and digestion.⁠

For real ... if you want it, we got it!⁠

>> Shop the entire line at (LINK IN BIO!)

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I get it ... 🤔⁠

You want a plant based protein powder, but you also don't want it to taste like sawdust and chalk.⁠

Well, FINALLY, you can breathe a sigh of relief #fitfam!⁠

🙌 Our NO! Whey Vegan Protein comes in two amazing flavors, mixes well and supplements with 21g of protein per scoop!⁠

Grab your own tub at >>!

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Athletes need nutrition that can keep up with the demands of their busy lives ...⁠

✅ You've got a job.⁠
✅ You've got a social life.⁠
✅ You've got to find time to train ...⁠

When you've got to get it all in, count on @redhnutritionco and our line of nutrition products to keep you going and STRONG!⁠

>> Shop our full line of supplements for everyday athletes at⁠


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❌ No one ever got anything done sitting at home and "playing it safe".⁠

If you've got big goals and dreams, you gotta get out there and put yourself in a position to succeed.⁠

Take a risk.⁠
Believe in yourself.⁠
And never look back!⁠

Happy Monday #fitfam! Let's goooo!⁠

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🙌 Eliminate your joint & muscle pain and get back to doing what you love most!⁠

SUPER FLEXY® was created for athletes who want to push their bodies to the limit, and maximize their recovery!⁠

✅ Get your own 30-Day Supply at

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⚡️ How are you swinging into the weekend #fitfam?⁠

No matter your goal ..⁠

When you fuel yourself properly, you'll get exceptional results.⁠

Fuel your body, amplify your results.⁠

👉 We've got what you need to take it to the next level at!

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Head on over to and get a free team shaker with any bundle purchase + FREE shipping!⁠

With three awesome colors to choose from, you'll instantly gain 25% more muscle in your next workout! 😜

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No matter the sport, our knees can take some wear and tear.⁠

The key to preventing that wear and tear is managing inflammation and making sure your joints are lubricated. 💦⁠

An easy way to get the nutrients your joints need is by supplementing with SUPER FLEXY®.⁠

Hundreds of athletes just like you are using it to keep their joints happy, healthy and ready for anything!⁠

Eliminate that pesky joint pain once and for all!⁠

👉 Get your own 30-Day Supply at!

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🔥🔥 "Apex is my secret weapon when I've got cardio scheduled. It's not like a typical pre-workout where you get jittery - instead it's a nice blast of consistent energy and I feel like my lungs and cardio can go for days!" - @scarpari801⁠

Do you have a secret weapon that keeps you going even when training gets tough #fitfam? 👇⁠

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Fact: Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in the body.⁠

It's primarily made in the liver and to a lesser extent in the kidneys and pancreas. ⁠

It stores high-energy phosphate groups in the form of phosphocreatine which are donated to ADP, regenerating it to ATP, the primary energy carrier in the body.⁠

This role in energy production is particularly relevant under conditions of high energy demand such as intense physical or mental activity.⁠

Creatine can be found in some foods and is most prevalent in meat and fish! 🥩 🐟⁠

The best form for supplementation is Creatine Monohydrate - you won't bloat and it absorbs and mixes quickly with any other beverage you mix it with!⁠

Get your own tub at 👉!

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🙌 How do you want to be remembered?⁠

Have you ever given a thought as to how you want to leave this world?⁠

Taking care of your body and doing the right things in terms of health and fitness can pay dividends for the memories and legacy we want to create.⁠

Not only will you feel better as you navigate life's ups and downs, but you'll honor your family by being able to give them your best.⁠

It's never too late to take control of your health.⁠

Today, make the CONVICTION to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, but not just for yourself.⁠

For your family.⁠
For your friends.⁠
And for everyone watching that also needs inspiration.⁠

Happy Monday!⁠
Let's goooooo!

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🙌 Have you tried our supps yet?⁠

We're not here to sell you on fancy labels and claims ...⁠

Just here to ensure you're getting the most from your training and the results.⁠

You work hard ... you deserve the BEST!⁠

Use code THEBEST at checkout on redhnutrition.comthrough the end of the weekend and take 25% off your order!⁠


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💪 Our athlete @sean_f92 is all smiles after a great night's rest!⁠

Sean uses ZEN R.E.M. to help ensure he's able to optimize his sleep routine and wake up ready to go, conquer the day and crush his workouts!⁠

Get your own bottle at and own your sleep routine again!

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😔 💤 Struggling with sleep?⁠

We all know that sleep is important ... but some of us really struggle with getting quality sleep.⁠

We toss and turn.⁠
We struggle to fall asleep.⁠
We wake up still tired ...⁠

If you're ready to get some deep sleep, naturally, then you gotta grab a bottle of ZEN R.E.M.⁠

It's not like Rx sleep medications ... you won't wake up groggy and you won't get addicted.⁠

You can take it every night if you need to, or you can take when you really have some troubles falling and staying asleep.⁠

The bonus is that it's all natural and made from ingredients you could plant in your own backyard!⁠

✅ Get your own bottle at and own your sleep routine again!⁠
Athlete 📸 @outdoorslife14

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🍓 Don't get enough fruits? NO PROBLEM!⁠

In just one scoop of SUPER REDS there are 24 fruits and berries loaded with antioxidants to help keep your heart healthy, skin clear and your energy levels topped off!⁠

Mix one scoop in cold water and it's a refreshing escape from the summer heat!⁠

Get your own tub at!⁠
Athlete 📸

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🇺🇸 🇺🇸 We hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend #fitfam! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 ⁠

Here at @redhnutritionco we celebrate our freedoms including the freedom to move your body and make the choices to support a healthy body!⁠

You only get one life, so make the choices that keep you healthy and happy!⁠


📸 @gym_thome

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❌ When you tell your story, make sure it's one that lifts you up.⁠

You may think that "tearing yourself down" is required in order to make progress to your goals.⁠

But, when you tell yourself enough stories about how "it didn't work before" or "you're just not good enough" ... your body knows and it reacts.⁠

So start telling yourself a story that lifts you up and inspires you.⁠

We've all got things we're working on, but that doesn't mean we have to be focused on the challenges all the time.⁠

Focus on what you can do.⁠
Focus on the good your bring the table.⁠
Don't sell yourself short.⁠

You are who you think you are ...⁠


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☀️☀️ Sun's out, guns out #fitfam!⁠

🇺🇸 Happy Saturday and we hope you have a safe and fun weekend celebrating the greatest nation on earth!⁠

🧨 What's your favorite thing to do this weekend ... Will you be enjoying some fireworks this weekend? 👇

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Every package and order is hand-filled in our Omaha, NE warehouse with care and attention so you get your supplements fast!⁠

Our turnaround times are 2-3 days and we always throw in a little extra love with each order!⁠

✅ You'll always find an army man in your order and you may even find a sticker or another small token of our appreciation!⁠

We are here to serve YOU and help you get the best results you can from your training ... leave nothing on the table #fitfam!⁠


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🔪 You need a secret weapon?⁠

SLEEP. Sleep is your secret weapon, #fitfam! 😴⁠

If you're looking for a way to break through your training plateau, and get faster results, take a look at how you're sleeping.⁠

⚖️ By supplementing with ZEN R.E.M. you'll help balance your hormones, overcome adrenal fatigue, recover faster and wake up feeling more refreshed than ever!⁠

It's all-natural and non-habit forming so you can take it as needed or take it everyday.⁠


✅ Get your own bottle at!

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🧨 It's July 1st and the beginning of an amazing and fun filled weekend!⁠

To help you celebrate you can save 30% all weekend on your fave supps!⁠

Try something new, stock up on your favorites and everything in between!⁠

👉 No coupons needed, so get shopping now >>⁠

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😫 Struggling to get your daily fruits in #fitfam?⁠

Our SUPER REDS #superfood powder is the perfect pairing for your busy day ... and also serves as a great all-natural, caffeine free pre-workout, too!⁠

🍓 With 24 antioxidant rich fruits and berries, SUPER REDS is a delicious way to stay healthy and energized.⁠

Don't grab that MONSTER or BANG 👎 ... mix in one scoop of SUPER REDS in 8oz of water and that'll get you the energy you want, without the crash!⁠

✅ Grab your own 20-serving tub at!

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💪 💪 SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE!!!! 💪 💪⁠

Athletes! Let's keep that motivation cruising along this week by keeping your eye on the prize! Let's go!⁠

📸 @gym_thome

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😤 So many athletes are afraid to fail, so they never even start on the path towards their goals.⁠

Goal setting and goal achievement isn't easy.⁠

If it was, we wouldn't have self-help seminars, life coaches or sports psychologists to help keep us aligned.⁠

Don't get discouraged if you're not where you want to be ...⁠

The only way you'll fail is if you quit.⁠

So, get started, never look back, and BELIEVE in yourself! 🙌

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❌ We're not like other sports nutrition brands.⁠

Our owner and US Army Veteran founder @coachkatiedanger never wants to blow any smoke.⁠

Every supplement in the Red H line has been formulated in house with a problem:solution benefit in mind. She literally created the formulas after months of ingredient analysis, product research and competitor comparisons.⁠

You wanna go faster? We got you.⁠
You wanna recover faster? Yep!⁠
Want to sleep better? Got that, too!⁠

We don't sell on Amazon. We don't sell to big chains. We hand package all orders here in Omaha, NE and leave a note to every customer with just how thankful we are for your business.⁠

Customer service and quality is of upmost importance and those values will never be compromised.⁠

We don't need models or to pay famous athletes to "prove" anything to you.⁠

Just try us. You'll experience the difference from the moment you place your order, when it arrives in your mailbox and you try your first supplement.⁠

We're athletes and we want to help you harness your potential to the fullest!⁠

Try us and see why we're happy to stay a grassroots brand and provide impeccable customer service!⁠

It's our pleasure!⁠

❤️ The Red H Nutrition Co. Fam

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What's a mantra we live by at @redhnutritionco?⁠


If you're an endurance athlete, or just love feeling like the Energizer Bunny, you've got to try a bottle of APEX O2.⁠

It's kinda like this ...⁠

You know the feeling when you're at your limit and you're gasping for air?⁠

With APEX O2 you'll be at your redline, but you'll have the capacity to keep pushing past your max HR, without the bonk! 💥⁠

You really can keep going and going and going and going!⁠

Get your own bottle at!⁠


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Other supplement brands will try and dazzle you with fancy marketing gimmicks.⁠

But here at @redhnutritionco we're just gonna show you how real athletes are getting amazing results using our clean, quality supplements.⁠

❌ No models.⁠
❌ No smoke and mirrors.⁠
❌ No hollywood stars pimpin' the product in exchange for cash.⁠

Just hard work, coupled with amazing, clean and effective supplements.⁠

Get the results you deserve. Grab a bundle at and create your own perfect stack!⁠

If you're serious about training, we're serious about helping you train the best you can!⁠


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🔥 Training for an everyday triathlete is extremely time consuming.⁠

You've got to commit to the mastery of three disciplines, and fit all that training into a schedule that still allows you to enjoy life.⁠

One way we help triathletes is through performance supplements that help elevate metrics that matter to the endurance athlete:⁠

1. VO2 max improvement⁠
2. Muscular endurance improvements⁠
3. Recovery after each workout⁠

Our athlete @gym_thome knows the deal and makes sure that he includes our signature endurance supplement, APEX O2 into his training!⁠

We are looking forward to his progress this training year and the results of his upcoming races!⁠

You can get your own bottle of APEX O2 at!⁠


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WHAT you eat means nothing if your gut isn't optimized to digest and absorb it properly.⁠

A probiotic helps you break food down easier.⁠

It helps improve digestion and nutrient absorbtion.⁠

It also helps you improve your immunity so you don't get sick ... 'cuz ain't no one got time for that!⁠

ADAPTOGENIC PROBIOTIC is our signature sport probiotic, designed to help you get the most from your food so you can keep training hard!⁠

Get your own bottle at⁠


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🙌 🙌 What are you waiting for?⁠

Today is YOURS for the taking #fitfam!⁠

Go out and get it!

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📸 @_fitac_

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💪💪 #FlexFriday with our athlete #gym_thome!⁠

What's on your training agenda this weekend #fitfam?

23 7

Whatever you need to get to the next level of your fitness goals, we've got you covered!⁠

Scope out and find your perfect supplements for your goals!⁠


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🧩 Supplements are awesome pieces of your wellness puzzle!⁠

Whether you want to relieve joint pain, sleep better or get a laser focus productivity ...⁠

We can help you accomplish your goals!⁠

Let's goooooo #fitfam!

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😴 How many hours of sleep do you get a night?⁠

If you've been tossing and turning and can't get the shut eye you want, it's time to get yourself ZEN R.E.M.⁠

It's all-natural, non sedative and non-habit forming.⁠

Take it every night or take it as needed.⁠

You'll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and fall into a deep, restful sleep that allows you to wake up refreshed and ready for anything!⁠

✅ Get a 30-day supply at!

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