Red H Nutrition is committed to providing premium supplements to the Everyday Athlete who understands the importance of high quality, effective supplementation as a necessary component to helping them live their life better!

Our goal is to improve your overall health and lifestyle through wellness promotion and positivity.
We are also proud to be US Army Veteran Owned & Operated. ??
We are Headquartered in Omaha, NE.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … 

I played a lot of sports as a kid.

Nothing very organized, but I was an active kid who loved playing outside and getting a little dirty.

I’ve always been a natural at most sports, so I enjoyed trying new things.

When I started college in 2003, I started to get into endurance sports and running.

Then, in 2005 I got into triathlons and trained hard for a few summers.

Jumping ahead, to when I joined the Army in 2007 (I served as an US Army Intel Officer May 2007 – July 2013), I found the book “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe and it totally changed my perspective on fitness.

As a girl who weighed no more than 100# soaking wet, even at age 22, I was really intrigued into how I could “put on muscle”.

Up to that point, the only lifting experience I had was in our high school weight lifting class – which I only took because I had to.

So, after reading more about lifting weights, I started to pick up barbells and put them down … over and over.

Then, in late 2008, I was introduced to my first ever CrossFit workout, “Cindy”.

You can read more about that experience here. 🙂

After experiencing CrossFit, though, and ever since, the majority of my fitness endeavors were in the functional fitness realm.

I drank the “kool-aid” and I never looked back!

I’ve always been gifted athletically, so after finding CrossFit, I found a lot of success, quickly.

I was the “second fittest” female in Nebraska from 2011-2015, and competed at the CrossFit Regionals level from 2011-2015.

I gained valuable competitive experience against the best of the best in CrossFit.

However, after the 2015 CrossFit season, I started to question my passion for the sport …

It wasn’t that I didn’t love competition.

It was more that I wasn’t sure if I was sharing my gifts with the world in the best way …

I wanted to make sure that all of the things and experiences I had could be shared with others so they could:

  1. Not make a mistake I had made
  2. Learn a lesson quickly
  3. Sift through what REALLY matters in fitness and competition
  4. Get real world advice from a REAL PERSON who’s followed her dreams and stood on the big stages with the big name.

So …fast forward to October 2016, and I was at a crossroads in my fitness and career.

I decided it was my mission and duty to help every athlete reach their potential, and realize the opportunities that micronutrition supplements provided.

As an athlete, I have enjoyed using supplements to reach my goals faster and eliminate training plateaus, recover faster and improve my performance and health.

However, I’ve long had a distrust for the industry, and was put off by the salesmen who are pushy and only recommend products based on margin (profit) opportunity … not on your actual goals.

So, after realizing that there needed to be a better option available, I launched Red H Nutrition in October 2016, out of my home office.

Where does the name “Red H” come from?

It’s not a real flashy story, but it does illustrate the care that went into the name behind the supplements …

I was trying desperately to come up with a name for this “idea” I had, and it seems like every name on the planet is taken. Everyone’s already thought of everything!

I sat down at my whiteboard and started writing words and phrases that might make a good nutrition brand.

I had a lot of words down, but nothing was meshing.

After taking a look at the words, I realized there was a theme.

Most of the things I wrote down started with the letter “H” and they also happened to be Red, or symbolize the color red.

Fitness is dynamic.

Fitness is NOT the same for anyone.

I also believe that Everyone Is An Athlete.

Even those competing in the same sport, will have different definitions of their personal “fitness”.

It’s this fact that finally put the puzzle together and led to the genesis of the name “Red H Nutrition”.

Red is a very powerful, empowering color and symbolizes action, and the letter “H” represents a laundry list of inspiring words: Health, hero, honor … the list goes on.

Fitness is dynamic … what does it mean to you?

For me, personally it’s “hard work”.

The only really thing that gets you anywhere near your goals is hard work.


Red H Nutrition wants to help you reach your goals by supporting your story …

Your “WHY”.

Everyone’s why is different, but we know that a strong community is also dynamic and supports everyone’s “why”, no matter what.

We help people live their lives better through total wellness nutrition solutions that support you today, tomorrow and for life!

I appreciate you stopping by and reading our “About Us” story.

Welcome to our community … and welcome to our Family!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help you live your life better and reach your goals!

Send me an email if you’ve got any questions …

I am here for YOUR success.


– Coach Katie Danger

Katie Danger