How To Use A Fat Burner For Weight Loss

The term ‘fat burner’ is used to describe nutrition supplements that are claimed to acutely increase fat metabolism or energy expenditure, impair fat absorption, increase weight loss, increase fat oxidation during exercise, or somehow cause long-term adaptations that promote fat metabolism.

Often times fat burners either have people on two sides of the fence: some people believe they are “snake oil” and have no place in anyone’s diet, or some people think they can be a magic pill, allowing them any indulgence without consequence.

Both views are WRONG.

If used properly, a fat burner can be that little extra push you need to get over a plateau in your weight loss goals.

However, the caveat is that they must be used PROPERLY.

What does that even mean?

Boss lady, @katie_danger, shares some wisdom on how you can use a fat burner, like BURN NOTICE™, to reach your weight loss and aesthetic goals!


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