Injured? 7 Simple Ways To Stay Fit After Injury

Stay Fit After Injury

Injured? An injury and any resulting surgery can have a devastating impact on your plans to get in shape. In today’s post, we’ve gathered 7 ways you can stay fit after injury and/or surgery.

Use these strategies in your exercise program to stay fit after injury:  

1. Evaluate your injury and get expert help.

  • Before you jump on a treadmill again, carefully examine your injury and ability to exercise. 
  • It’s tempting to start exercising while you’re still healing.
  • However, it’s important to consult a doctor and your trainer before you start to exercise again. They’ll be able to offer important advice about your specific injury and your limitations.

2. Change your workout routine to accommodate your injury.

  • The old exercise routine isn’t going to work for an injury that is still healing. You’ll have to create a new training schedule to stay in shape, with new priorities
  • First, avoid making the injury worse and adding new issues.
  • Second, you must still burn enough calories to achieve your goals
  • In order to accommodate these new priorities, you may need to adjust the intensity of your workouts or where you exercise. If going to the gym is too difficult, then consider exercising at home. If you can no longer handle being outdoors, try to find an indoor routine.
  • The #1 thing you should focus on is just MOVING. Get off the couch and move as much as you can

3. Work on other parts of your body.

  • If you have an upper body injury that limits you, then consider exercises that focus more on the lower body to stay fit after injury. 
  • If you can no longer do the intense weightlifting workout because of a shoulder injury, then consider switching to a treadmill to walk or run. You can also try cycling on a stationary bike. 
  • Isolating the upper body or lower body during a routine is one way to stay fit after injury.

4. Consider water exercises.

  • Workouts in the pool are low impact and can help you heal from an injury without making it worse.
  • Your local YMCA and other organizations often have a variety of classes, and you can talk to the instructors to find the best fit. 

5. Maintain a healthy diet program to stay fit after injury.

  • Exercise is only one part of a bigger plan to stay in shape.
  • Your diet also matters, but an injury can wreak havoc on it. You may be tempted to indulge in treats because they’re convenient and you’re feeling sorry for yourself. However, it’s important to stay on track with your diet program.
  • Consider including addition protein into your diet. Adequate protein can help repair damaged muscles quicker. It can also help you maintain precious muscle mass while you heal, especially if you aren’t able to resistance train for some time while you heal.
  • TRY THIS: A meal replacement protein shake is a great way to add in extra protein and meet your needs while you recover!

6. Reach out to your friends for support.

  • An injury can make you feel isolated. Keeping up your connections with your friends can help tremendously. 
  • Your friends can be powerful motivators for you to stay in shape while you’re healing. They can encourage you to keep exercising and stay fit after injury within safe limits and join you as personal cheerleaders. 

7. Don’t push yourself too far.

  • Although you want to stay fit after injury, you don’t want to make the injury worse or create a new one. 
  • Your ability to keep exercising will be affected by an injury, but it’s crucial to remember that healing takes time. You have to give your body the chance to heal properly, or you’ll be faced with more serious issues in the future. 
  • Keep in mind that injuries affect the body and mind. You need time to restore your health. 

Luckily, in most instances, you can exercise while you’re healing from an injury.

Look, injuries are a bummer. No one ever goes into their workout looking to get injured.

And while you may be dealing with an injury now, it won’t last forever.

Even if you’ve had a life changing injury, there are plenty of ways you can still stay in shape and live a life full of fitness.

Staying in shape can even help you heal quicker, as long as you’re careful with your exercises.

✅ Just remember, you can stay fit after injury!

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