Update On Business Operations: Adapt & Overcome

Red H Nutrition closed its storefront April 30th.

But even though it’s not face-to-face, owner Katie Danger said she is seeing more customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I had a little bit of fear and I had to confront it,” said Danger.

She said the unknown of the pandemic made her rethink her business plan.

Before the pandemic, Danger said 80% of her sales came from online orders, 20% from in-store sales.

But she liked being in the actual store, helping customers with health and wellness goals and connecting in person.

“It creates a trustworthy relationship which brings them back into your store,” she said.

Danger knew she had a tough decision to make when the coronavirus kept people at home.

“I had to accept the reality. I’m going to lose customers and is it still worth it?” Danger said.

She decided to close her doors April 30th, move all the products to a warehouse, where they can be easily shipped to online customers.

“I was great up until we closed the store and I handed over the keys because I looked around and I realized what I created. I knew I was going to miss it,” she recalled.

Then, Danger discovered she had more time for social media interaction and personal emails to customers. Her new business plans works.

Sales are up 25%!

She said other business owners can change and adapt, too.

“Ask yourself if there is a way to provide the same service in a different way,” she said.

Danger also believes business might be up, in part, due to the pandemic. She said COVID-19 is making people think about their health and well-being and ways to improve their lifestyle.

“I’m excited to have these new customers come in the virtual door and now I’m finding ways to serve them.”

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